Best Uses for Welsh Wool

Welsh wool provides some of the best quality of this material in the entire UK. There are some 18 native breeds of sheep in Wales, some of which we keep and produce our beautiful garments from.


How to Unshrink Wool

It happens to the best of us; we put a load of washing on, and our best woollen clothes have got mixed up and come out shrunken and deformed.


Five Ways To Reuse Your Old Woolly Jumper

As the weather turns cooler, now is the perfect time to take on an up-cycling project involving your old unworn woollen garments.


Where to buy Welsh wool Clothing?

The very title of this article may seem like a strange thing to ask.  The answer may amusingly appear obvious.  And if you want a simple answer then the reply is that you can get Welsh wool, from Wales.  


How Wool is Harvested from a Sheep

Wool production or harvesting is a year-round event that is important for the health and wellbeing of a sheep.  The whole process of harvesting and using wool from sheep is very involved, and extremely interesting.


What is Tweed?

Back in the 18th century, sheep herders and farmers in Scotland discovered that in order to endure the harsh weather and temperatures required of them while out in the hills tending their flocks and working the land, they would need a type of apparel capable of protecting them and keeping them warm.


The History of Wool

At Melin Teifi, we have been combining traditional Welsh wool weaving with contemporary elements since 1981, when the company was founded with just three people on a small industrial estate in Henllan. Still a small team of eight, the workshop is now based in Cambrian Mills. 


Wearing Wool in the Summer

Wool is naturally designed to keep you warm in the cold winter, but it also has the natural thermal properties to keep you cool in the winter. Wool is able to keep the moisture produced when you sweat away from the skin because of its moisture wicking properties. 


How to Clean Welsh Wool

Woollen products have been around since before records began.  It would be impossible to set a date of when the fascinating process of shearing, spinning and weaving wool began.  


Welsh Wool Colours

At Melin Teifi, we are purveyors of Welsh wool, making use of traditional production methods. Located within what is now the Museum of the Welsh Woollen Industry and Mill since 1984, we form an important part of the museum’s interpretive exhibition. 

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All About Our Welsh Wool

If you’re looking for a way towards more sustainable and ethical clothing, you would do well to invest in clothing that takes a step away from fast fashion and mass production, and takes a step towards traditional methods.

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Custom Wool Clothing

The high street shops and online stores are full of mass-produced fast fashion. Not only is this at the expense of the environment, but it also means there can be hundreds and thousands of people wearing identical clothing to you. If you would like to go back to the roots of traditional methods of making clothes and benefit from custom-made, unique products, then look no further than Melin Teifi.


Wrapping Up for Winter

As the weather gets colder this winter, you may be wondering about what the best way to keep warm may be. Whether inside or outside, here at Melin Teifi, we are sure to offer a great way to wrap up this winter.


Welsh Wool Flannel in Fashion

Here at Melin Teifi, we combine traditional Welsh wool weaving with modern elements, meaning that our flannel products are not only practical, but also fashionable. 


Is Wool Sustainable?

When it comes to manmade products, there is a lot to admire.  The abilities of human through the centuries tells us of the ingenuity and creativity that we are all capable of.


The Uniqueness of Welsh Wool

The wool industry has always been a huge part of Welsh heritage and history.  There are today around 11 million sheep that are cared for and live in Wales, with almost a third of that population being a native breed of the country.

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How To Remove Bobbles from Wool

Wool is amazing. It keeps you warm and cosy in the winter, it has special antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, when it's made into clothing it looks great all year round, and it can be used for any number of furnishings around the home. If you want a beautifully created woollen item, come to Melin Teifi.

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How to Remove Pet Hair From Wool

Wool is a versatile material to work with and its uses are endless. From knitted jumpers to blankets to felted hats, even if you have never considered the materials these items are made from. You will probably own quite a few woollen items in your home or wardrobe. For those of us that own pets, a natural occurrence for your beloved animals is shedding.

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Ways to Remove Common Stains from Wool

Wool is a versatile textile, sewn in many clothing styles that can be worn in cold and warm weather. However, dirt sets in this textile faster than other fabrics, which is why wool is more prone to staining. 

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Tweed Fabric UK

Tweed fabric is a popular choice for many stylish and beautiful items of clothing. However, as well as being a modern choice of material, it has a long history in Wales and the British Isles. At Melin Teifi, we are very proud of the beautiful range of materials and clothing that we make and sell, including our collections of flannel and tweed products. Let us tell you a little more about this type of material that is really a part of Welsh and British history.

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What is the Best Wool for Clothing

Welsh wool is a particularly fine form of wool shorn from sheep and characterized by unique finesse, softness, and quality. Welsh wool is very fine and soft. Contrary to conventional wool, it does not "scratch" or "pinch" and can be worn directly on the skin.

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Wool colour guide

Guide to picking the right colours

Understanding the different types of wool colours is essential to picking the perfect one for your project. There are four main groups of wool colours: natural, dyed, blended and mottled.

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