Teifi Valley Wool

Wales is renowned for many things not least it’s infamous Welsh wool. It is hardly surprising given that Wales has a long and steep history in wool production. Wool has been used in Wales for hundreds if not thousands of years, dating back to medieval times. But it was in the last few centuries that Welsh wool really came into it’s own.

From the 19th Century the wool industry became of huge importance to wales. In particular areas such as the Teifi Valley there was an abundance of fast flowing water to power the mills and strong infrastructure links that made exporting easier. In turn this allowed for Teifi Valley to become an important textile manufacturing region. The strength of the Teifi Valley region and the Taifi Valley wool was replicated in many parts of Wales, so much so, that the wool industry surpassed even coal as the most important export of Wales. This demand continued throughout World War One, which saw Teifi Valley wool be used to produce Flannel for military uniforms. We are proud to still produce the finest Teifi Valley wool that is still used to make high quality Welsh Flannel.

We are intensely proud of our strong Welsh heritage and wool production from our roots on a small industrial estate in Henllan that began production in 1981. We have grown from a small and dedicated team of three to a team of eight that use the highest quality material and local craftsmanship.

While wool may not remain as popular or as widespread as it was once was it is certainly making a resurgence and Teife Valley wool is leading the way. Customers are increasingly looking for handmade, locally sourced products with a story to tell. Our Teifi Valley wool has proven to stand the test of time and meet customers expectations. In fact there has been an increased demand for high quality tapestry made in Wales.

It is not hard to see why as the use of wool for clothings, blankets and materials has a wide ranging number of practical benefits. Wool is a natural protein fiber found on the backs of millions of sheep. Wool as a material stands out from the crowd as it can offer benefits that man made fibers are not yet able to replicate. It is considered to be one of the most effective forms of all weather protection, all year round. What is more wool is a biodegradable, natural renewable resource that will continue to be produced as long as there is grass to graze, giving it some of the most eco-friendly credentials. In turn making it a popular choice for those who take a mindful eco conscious approach to their fashion and textile use. Finally what makes our Teifi Valley wool even more appealing is that it should be considered as an investment. Any garment or wool based product that is well cared for will last you a lifetime, and then some so you can enjoy your Teifi Valley wool for years to come.