Traditional Welsh Flannel Llandysul

Traditional Welsh Flannel
The word ‘flannel’ can be traced all the way back to Wales during the 16th century. It’s thought that this word originates from the Welsh term ‘gwlanen’. It was sometime in the 19th century that wool became easier to produce, and therefore less expensive. The rise of wool meant that flannel clothing became very popular, especially amongst Welsh workmen. Over the years the production and use of flannel has developed and changed, its now often produced using synthetic materials. At Melin Teifi, we champion the authentic methods of producing traditional welsh flannel and wool. As experts on traditional welsh flannel, we are ready to answer any questions you may have.
How is wool flannel made?
To make traditional welsh flannel first you need some beautiful welsh wool! At Melin Teifi, we have been producing the finest wool for 18 years from our charming wool mill in Llandysul. The first step after the wool production process is the yarn spinning, followed by fabric weaving. To make flannel, a plain weave or a twill is used, and usually, the fabric is napped on at least one side (sometimes two). This step helps to hide the weave with a soft texture. Napping is a procedure which is used to distress the spun fibre, so that looks just like an unspun fibre. Napping also helps to improve the durability of the fabric. Carding wool is the process of removing clumps and disentangling the fibres. It’s this process that was originally used to create traditional welsh wool. The carding wool method helps create a constant flow of fibres when weaving, producing a soft to touch material at the end.
Welsh Flannel Fashion
When it comes to fashion, you simply can’t go wrong with flannel garments. For men and women both, a classic flannel shirt really stands the test of time. At Melin Teifi, we promote some of the timeless fashions of days gone by, whether smocks, flannel or tweed. Traditional Welsh flannel garments are both stylish and durable; you won’t need to replace these products often (as with synthetic flannel garments). Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for a gift for a friend, at Melin Teifi, we can help you to find the flannel garments to suit your needs.
Melin Teifi Flannel garments
At Melin Teifi, we offer a wide range of authentic Welsh flannel garments, in plenty of styles and colours. Our wool shop in Llandysul have been using authentic processes for many years, to produce traditional welsh wool. We believe that a traditional process is best to produce garments of the highest quality, and take great pride in the work that we do. To find out more about the garments that we offer, come and visit us at our wool shop in Llandysul. If you prefer, give us a call or explore more of our website. Our friendly team are highly knowledgeable when it comes to flannel, tweed and the wool trade.