Welsh Wool Llandysul

The History Of Welsh Wool

The woollen industry in Wales dates all the way back to prehistoric times, becoming more important around the 12th century. It was in the 13th century that water powered mills arrived, driving the expansion of the industry as a whole. At this time the wool trade remained a cottage industry, as weavers continued to produce wool from their homes as opposed to larger factories. Cwmpengraig was home to the first factory in the early 18th century, though much of the spinning was still done by hand. By 1860 there were many factories around Drefach Felindre and Teifi Valley. As the century came to an end, hand weaving was rarely used.
Welsh Wool Fashion
The woollen industry may be centuries old, yet that doesn’t mean that wool is no longer trending! Welsh wool garments remain steadily popular, appealing to all ages and genders year upon year. At Melin Teifi, we take our fashion cues from the classic styles of the Welsh workmen. With our high-quality welsh wool we produce jumpers, shirts, smocks and jackets in a wide range of different colours. We can supply welsh wool garments in a range of different patterns using our classic Welsh flannel. All of our welsh wool garments are available in either standard or custom sizes.
Why Choose Welsh Wool?

There aren’t many other places in the world that have such a rich historical connection with wool as Wales does! By choosing welsh wool, you’ll get yourself a truly authentic and top-quality product. Welsh wool is an excellent choice for clothing for many reasons. Firstly, wool is breathable, allowing a natural airflow which will stop you from overheating and feeling clammy. At the same time, you’ll stay warm and cosy. Welsh wool will also keep you nice and dry due to its moisture-resistant properties. Wool fibres work to naturally wick moisture, and then release the moisture by evaporation. Wool products using merino wool are odour resistant due to their antimicrobial properties. Best of all, welsh wool garments are a great fashion choice for any wardrobe. Some clothing items will always remain timeless classics, (and wool has never gone out of style yet)!

Melini Teifi

There are many suppliers of welsh wool out there, but you’ll only want only the very best. In a society where mass-production is the new normal, we at Melin Teifi in Llandysul pride ourselves on remaining unique. We are a team of just eight hardworking people, dedicated to producing top quality wool garments. Llandysul and Teifi Valley have flourished in the wool trade since the 19th century, and we genuinely enjoy being a part of this traditional and humble industry. We happily offer commissioned items, as well as our standard range of beautiful welsh wool garments. Both our fashions and our wool fabrics can be purchased directly from our shop in Llandysul. For further information on purchasing please contact us here directly. Our friendly team are more than happy to chat to you about our products, your needs, (and anything else wool related)!