Tweed Fabric Llandysul

The origins of tweed fabric
Tweed fabric has remained a British style staple for centuries; it’s made from wool using an open, soft weave. Different sheep breeds can be used to produce variations and different patterns of tweed. The texture is rather rough and coarse when finished, which is why tweed fabric is often used for outerwear, such as jackets and hats. It was in Scotland around the 18th century that tweed first originated. Back then, Scottish weavers wanted to make a heavier cloth and did so by weaving in ‘the twill’. The twill is the term used to describe the diagonal line that runs across the length of the fabric. Tweed fabric was initially produced in response to the cold and wet climates of the UK, a first choice for those working in outdoor jobs such as farming.
How is tweed fabric made?
Firstly, the wool is harvested, initially cleaned, and then packed away into bales. After this, the wool is cleaned more thoroughly and separated into long strings, which are then spun into yarn. Once the yarn is spun, the wool can be dyed in various colours and then dried out in bunches. Next up, the wool is mixed by hand and then put into a mixing machine to achieve the desired pattern. Nearer the end stages of the process, the wool is teased and carded to achieve extra thickness. Lastly, the tweed fabric is woven into a garment.
Why is tweed fabric popular?

Though it’s been around for centuries, tweed fabric remains a popular fashion choice today, so why exactly is tweed so sought after? Well, firstly, many choose tweed because of its weather-resistant properties. Wool is naturally repellent of water, meaning that a tweed jacket is perfect for wetter climates. Tweed fabric is also thick, meaning that it’s insulative and ideal for the cold. Natural fibres such as tweed can often be more expensive to produce because when compared with synthetic materials, tweed is far more durable. Year after year, both designer and high street fashion brands continue to create their timeless tweed sets, from jackets and dresses to hats and bags, tweed sure is here to stay!
Melin Teifi’s tweed fabric
We at Melin Teifi have been in the Welsh Woolen industry for 18 years, at our woolen mill in Llandysul, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality woolen products including tweed fabric, flannel, wool fashions, commissions, and traditional Welsh costumes. At our mill in Llandysul, we are proud to come from humble beginnings, starting out as a three-person mill in 1981, and today working as a team of eight highly skilled individuals. At Melin Teifi, we can offer tweed fabric and fashions that truly set us apart from the rest. We are ready and waiting to discuss your fabric needs, and put our expertise into producing your tweed fabric commissions. Teifi Valley Llandysul has been the hub of the Welsh woolen trade for over a century. Our community at Melin Teifi are confident that there’s no better place to source your wool.