welsh wool dyfed

When it comes to natural materials, there are few things more pleasing to use than authentic Welsh wool.  This versatile material has a way of providing you with both comfort and practicality, and it is its natural properties which has made it such a popular fabric for so long.  In the Dyfed area in particular, manufacturing wool has long been part of our heritage, and is a traditional craft which still has a strong presence to this day.

When looking for items made from the finest Welsh wool, Dyfed locals and visitors need look no further. We offer a huge range of knitwear which you can be proud to own in a number of different colours, sizes and styles.  Knowing that we produce and use only fine quality wool means that you won’t feel you have been short-changed.  In fact, we are proud to say that our pieces of clothing routinely deliver above and beyond what is expected of them.

We provide clothing in Welsh Wool, Dyfed Melin Teifi customers will find suitable for workwear and everyday wear.  Traditional styles, using materials such as flannel and tweed, were often used as workwear, but look incredibly stylish, and are therefore also suited to the everyday, as well as for special occasions.  

Owning a selection of Welsh wool is useful in many ways. For a start, there is the obvious fact that the it is always going to provide a fantastic degree of warmth and comfort when woven into a thicker material.  This makes this fabric an ideal item to own in the autumn and winter months.  Wool, can also be woven into lighter threads, suited to warmer weather, and is ideal as a light outer layer, when a coat or a jacket is just too much.  Welsh Wool also has special properties that means you can wear it for longer between each wash.  Its natural anti-microbial makeup, stops bacteria building up from perspiration, that can cause your clothing to smell and become dirty.  Therefore, our Welsh Wool, Dyfed based customers will find available, tends to keep for quite a long time, so you don’t need to worry about the upkeep costs for these precious items in your wardrobe.  You will also find that the level of sensory comfort that Welsh wool provides make a huge difference to your appreciation of the piece of clothing, or with the beautiful throws and home furnishing also available.

With all of these great reasons to wear Welsh wool, your only real question is where to go to get it from.  If you come to us, you can be sure of the best materials from high quality sources, with our huge amount of dedicated experience working to produce clothing and other items you will enjoy owning.  Contact us for more information on what items we have available, any materials you need for a project, or anything else.  Also, come and visit us at Melin Teifi, and see for yourself what we have to offer, and how we create our beautiful materials and garments.