Tweed Fabric Dyfed

When you are choosing some material, there are a number of important considerations which will affect your choice.  What the piece should be made from will depend on what you want it for.  The tweed fabric, Dyfed County locals and visitors can find at Melin Teifi, situated within the historic Cambrian Mills, has very specific and wonderful qualities that can make it the ideal knitwear for a number of reasons.

The original composition of tweed, worn in the early 18th century, is not really that much different from the stylish designer tweed you can find today.  As a coarsely woven wool material, it was first invented to keep farmers in the hills and mountains protected from harsh weathers.  This fabric was also worn in abundance by the aristocracy throughout the 1800’s and 1900’s and is still used today by many landowners who keep their livestock out on the hills and mountains.  From the 1820’s up until today, tweed has continually caught the eye of many fashion designers, inspiring many others to wear this sophisticated and smart looking material.

The patterns in tweed fabric that landowners and farmers would have traditionally worn, were inspired by nature itself, using natural rustic warm colours and purple and blue hues reminiscent of wild mountain flowers.  This look is timeless, and one which practically anyone can pull off.

The tweed fabric, Dyfed visitors and residents can get from our shop, is a beautiful material to wear, and it has that sense of old-world charm which draws so many people to it.  If you have never considered wearing tweed fabric, you might be surprised to find the many items of clothing and styles it is available in for you to try.

The amount of tweed fabric, Dyfed customers require, depends on the project.  If it is for an outfit such as a suit, or a large overcoat, then you may need a substantial amount.  Artistic or creative items, such as a base for embroidered pieces, or a decorative cushion, will require much less.  Tweed fabric can also be used in very small patches to embellish an outfit, such as on pockets and hemlines, knee patches and elbow patches.  Whatever the amount of tweed you need in Dyfed, we have it in abundance.

Of course, if you are looking for clothing already made from this fabric, you need look no further. We offer a wide range of different kinds of clothing made of this high-quality fabric.  We offer each item in a range of sizes.  No matter what, you can be sure that we can cater to your tweed needs.

If you have a specific question related to our supply of tweed fabric, Dyfed based Melin Teifi is here to answer any of your queries.  Why not visit our premises and learn more first-hand about our wool fabrics?  With a great deal of experience and loving care, we are able to produce top quality items which you will be proud to wear.