Museum of the Welsh Woollen Industry

Are you visiting Wales? If so, we encourage you to visit the Museum of the Welsh Woollen Industry. Here, you’ll discover the history of a fantastic industry that has grown through the years and withstood the test of time. People of all ages love visiting the museum and find out more about the Heritage of the Welsh Woolen world.

Where Are We?

If you’re interested in visiting the Museum of the Welsh Woollen Industry, you can find it in Felindre. It’s a beautiful rural village in South Wales. Reservoirs here are popular with walkers and fishermen while until the 1960’s there was a working water mill that you can still see today. There are some beautiful cottages to stay in, making Felindre a romantic place for a getaway or just a weekend in the countryside.

Explore The Past Witness The Present

As you journey through the Museum of the Welsh Woolen Industry, you will discover tales of the past and key figures and brands in this incredible industry. You will discover how wool used to be made, the styles that were once popular and the traditional garments that were worn throughout Wales. However, you’ll also find our fully operation Welsh Mill. Discover how traditional Welsh wool continues to be made today and sold to businesses as well as private buyers around the country! Meet our friendly team of workers and let them tell you all about their own fascinating past as well as the story of how a mill became part of the museum.

A Full Team Of Passionate Staff

Everyone who works at the Museum of the Welsh Woollen Industry is passionate about providing you with the best experience possible. They will go out of their way to ensure that you are making the most of your visit, by showing you all of the amazing exhibits and attractions available to explore. You will be amazed by what we have to show you and our staff are happy to guide you on your journey. If you have any questions, you can feel free to ask any member of staff who is around, and you will get a polite and informative answer.

A Stunning Range Of Souvenirs

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Schedule Your Visit Today

If you are interested in learning more about the Museum of the Welsh Woollen Industry, then come down and visit us! Schedule your visit to come and check out some of the most wonderful history and fabric you will ever see.